From fully-managed to simply monitored events, we help your organization executive flawless webinars to connect your global audiences in real time in every language with hassle-free technology and easy registration. Utilize custom interactive lobbies, managed breakout rooms, attention checks, and more to kick your event engagement up a notch.

Fully-Managed Facilitation + Support

  • Live introduction & moderation
  • Live technical support
  • Reliable back-ups
  • Problem-free high volume log-ins
  • Toll-free participant support contact line
  • Sophisticated polling and live event tracking

Dedicated Event Manager

  • Event planning & setup support
  • Registration site creation
  • Speaker training
  • Event facilitation & quality assurance review
  • Easy universal audience access with no plug-ins or applets required
  • eCommerce integration setup to monetize your event content

Post-Event Services

  • Event recording archive published to your site
  • Post-event analysis and participation reporting

Module Production

  • Convert virtual learning event content into on-demand learning modules
  • Create visually dynamic education experiences
  • Customize with your event-specific branding
  • Synchronize slides and other supporting media

Webinars Overview

Engage your audiences with high-impact, interactive webinars and online training with video, sophisticated polling and tracking. Fully integrated with our suite of Path products, our webinar services allow you to connect and engage your audience, anytime, anywhere.