Innovate, Grow, Leverage Strengths

.orgSource advocates an integrated approach to strategy designed to manage volatility and disruption. Vision and resources are woven into a plan that evolves with a changing environment. Goals thread through the organization. Budgeting and technology play pivotal roles. Whether we deliver a single project or a complete plan, our bottom line is to use your strengths to achieve higher levels of performance. Benefits of the .orgSource methodology include:

  • Building a culture for innovation 
  • Implementing digital platforms to enable operational efficiencies
  • Enhancing member experience and access to content
  • Creating a foundation for knowledge-based decision-making
  • Achieving a sustained customer experience for audience growth, engagement, and monetization
  • Moving teams toward a set of well-defined goals





Although integrated plans are multifaceted, steps can be initiated independently. Leaders can choose from a range of services like these to position their organizations for success:





  • Strategic planning for organizational transformation
  • Customer Research
  • Audits of products, services, and revenue streams
  • Scenario planning to generate ideas and identify opportunities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mentoring and training talent





In every engagement moving you closer to an integrated business model powered by technology remains at the core of our support. Schedule a complimentary consultation today!