Blue Sky’s dedicated Event Managers will make sure your podcasts run smoothly and will ensure your speakers are prepared. After the recording, we’ll deliver post-production editing, mixing, and enhancements.

Our Podcast Event Services Include:

  • Up to a 30-minute recording with a dedicated Blue Sky Event Manager to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Presenter training on any provided audio equipment to ensure you’re prepared
  • Post-event analysis and particpation reporting with Path LMS

Our Production Services Cover:

  • Editing out any major gaps in the conversation to ensure things flow smoothly
  • Mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers
  • Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization
  • Conversion to a high quality MP3
  • Podcast recording archive delivered back to you or published to your Path LMS podcast catalog