Maintenance & Application Support | Focus on providing exceptional experiences to your audiences

Maintenance & Application Support | Focus on providing exceptional experiences to your audiences

Professional Support Services

We provide a dedicated account team to all our application support clients consisting of a Project Manager, Certified Developer, and Quality Assurance Engineer with knowledge of your account. Working with a dedicated team allows us to better partner with our clients and provide the right level of service needed for each engagement. This team is responsible for ad-hoc support requests, scheduled support development, and feature enhancements.

24/7 Monitoring, Escalation, & Issue Resolution

We work to set up automated web monitors from locations worldwide to ensure that your site is always available. Built into our web monitoring is after hours support and escalation for any reported outages. You can rest easy that our team is working around the clock to keep your site available. Our clients also have access to a phone number that they can call any time, day or night, to report any issue.

Performance Monitoring

We utilize New Relic to monitor every move your application makes across the entire stack and shows us what's happening with the code in real-time. This tool allows our developers and engineers to hone in on problems quickly with transaction tracing, performance analytics, application topology mapping, and deployment history markers and comparisons. We monitor the speed of web transactions and specific SQL queries, page request profiles, CPU and memory usage, aggregated error reports, and pre/post-deployment performance impacts.

Log Monitoring & Analysis

We further utilize New Relic to provide our Production Support team with real-time access to application and system logs from anywhere. Log monitoring helps to detect customer-impacting issues faster with outlier detection and reduces downtime by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. We constantly monitor custom alerts and reports to ensure that new errors are detected in a timely manner.