Engaging a Consultant and Interim Staffing

Engaging a Consultant and Interim Staffing

It’s a difficult time and you have many decisions to make. Let us help you make the right choices for your organization when planning during a crisis.

The economic situation and association business environment are changing rapidly. As an association leader in an unprecedented situation, you may need to make changes that impact members and customers, products and services, staffing, operations, governance, finance and beyond.

A consultant can provide just-in-time rescue from a difficult situation or help you bridge unforeseen operational and administrative gaps.

.orgSource is working with several organizations on short, mid, and long-term planning scenarios for the most important aspects of business.

Our seasoned association consultants can help you facilitate important, but sometimes difficult, conversations. They’ll help you determine the best actions to take to shape your future.

Consultants can relieve stress and lighten the burden of leadership by:

  • Providing a fresh perspective on your projects and activities
  • Supporting outsourcing and alternate staffing
  • Bringing years of experience to the task at hand
  • Being an objective observer and neutral voice
  • Providing the data and analytics needed to speak truth to power
  • Instilling confidence in risk-averse participants
  • Sharing knowledge of the latest best practices, tools, and technologies
  • And, last but not least, being a sympathetic sounding-board

We can also augment your staff or fill gaps in projects. Our consultants have extensive expertise in

  • Business strategy
  • Certification and accreditation
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing and communications
  • Marketing research
  • Project management
  • Technology and IT (Interim CIO)

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If you need help, please access our COVID-19 resources or contact us. You’ll never regret having a plan.