Analytics Integration & Dashboards | Harness the power of data to enhance your audience's experience

Analytics Integration & Dashboards | Harness the power of data to enhance your audience's experience

Reporting & Data Analysis

We deliver impactful insight into website traffic, audience engagement, marketing channels, and digital goals through robust dashboards and reports. Using these inputs, we provide in-depth recommendations that help you positively impact your bottom line.

Website Behavior Analysis

We evaluate key engagement points on your site to understand where users click, where they spend time, and where they consume content. Then we provide solutions on how you can avoid breakdowns in your audiences’ journeys.

Analytics Training

We empower you to self-serve your analytics needs by equipping you with the knowledge to conduct powerful data analyses you can use to track your progress toward your business and digital goals. We provide trainings on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, and Sitecore Analytics.

Data Systems Strategy

We assess your analytics platforms (Adobe, Google, Sitecore, Coveo, etc.) in a broader context to help you fully understand the benefits and limitations of each system. Afterward, we provide you with recommendations for integrating analytics systems and for how to get the most from each platform.

Digital Goals & Measurement Consultation

We identify how to measure the success of your digital goals. Based on your needs we define strategic KPIs which can be closely tracked and measured through your analytics platform.

Data & Tagging Strategy

We complete a holistic assessment of your data needs before creating analytics tagging. Then we recommend specific technical configurations for monitoring your key performance indicators (KPIs) and collecting other important data. Lastly, we implement your tagging strategy, to ensure your data has the highest integrity.

Audience Journey Optimization

We provide guidance on A/B and Multivariate testing that will help you learn more about your audiences and their journeys. Once we agree on a testing strategy, we’ll help create tests that deliver the data you need to build the most optimized and effective versions of your digital experiences.