Media Platform

Media Platform

With a clean and modern look and feel, our Media Platform makes it easy to manage and monetize videos, podcasts and articles in one place. We integrate with your branding so members know what to expect, and we make it easy for your audience to find, consume and act on your content.

Category carousels make it easy to display your video, audio, or articles.  Templated features, including video annotations, make it easy to curate the viewer's journey, and keep them engaged with content they enjoy.

Leaderboards and banners have optimal placement for your sponsors to create non-dues revenue through advertising or sponsorship.

And our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you and your team to upload content, curate your members' journeys, and create non-dues revenue streams.

  • A multimedia platform featuring video library, podcast library, and customizable call-to-action banners.
  • A video page featuring "Conference All Year Long" banner and sponsor servicing options with commenting functionality.
  • Host multimedia in one place - in searchable video and podcast libraries.
  • Responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices.
  • Hybrid event options for livestreaming in-person and virtual presentations that include polling and Q&A functionality.
  • Example of a Society's platform in action!
  • Example of a Corporate's platform in action!