Fonteva, built on Salesforce: The World’s #1 CRM

Fonteva starts with the World’s #1 CRM and then builds membership and features tailored to support the needs of associations on top of it. 

Being powered by Salesforce means leveraging development and technology advances. This means Fonteva users get amazing new features and enhancements every year that stem directly from the billions of dollars in development that Salesforce invests into its core product annually.

As the top-rated Salesforce-based Association Platform, Fonteva enables membership organizations to navigate today’s fast-changing environment, better serve members, and achieve goals—now and in the future. The platform provides a full suite of Membership, Event, eCommerce, and Community-based products.

Get to know Fonteva: 

  • 360+ customers operating in 100+ countries
  • 100% built on Salesforce
  • 96% customer retention
  • Access to over 4,000 business and technology apps throughout the Salesforce AppExchange
  • $1B+ invested annually by Salesforce in infrastructure development
  • Another $1B+ invested annually in security
  • Fonteva is the top-rated Association Platform built on Salesforce