Engagefully 365 (Member App)

Engagefully 365 (Member App)

RD Mobile’s award-winning Engagefully 365 mobile app is a full-featured member app and event platform providing year-round member engagement and delivery of events. Engagefully 365 is an affordable, customizable and scalable mobile member app for associations:

  • Native apps - iOS & Android
  • Year-round member engagement
  • Advanced communications, content delivery & networking features
  • In-person & virtual event platform
  • Easy-to-use CMS for managing content
  • Integration with AMS/CRM & event systems
  • Analytics & engagement reporting
  • Revenue generation/ROI

RD Mobile Stands Above the Rest
RD Mobile's superior Engagefully 365 app enables year-round member engagement as well as support and delivery of events. Our dedicated Customer Success Team can help you with:

  • Member app onboarding
  • Platform training
  • Engagement best practices 
  • Revenue-generation/ROI tips
  • Technical support


Request more information or schedule an Engagefully 365 demo: https://www.resultsdirect.com/mobile-apps.