Video & Audio Production & Editing Services

Video & Audio Production & Editing Services

Association TV’s expert team of writers, content editors, and animators can help form your project from the script, to storyboard, to delivered video. Create micro-learning opportunities from one set of content, or convert to multiple formats such as podcasts and blogs. Whether your project is live-action, interview-based, or 2D and 3D animation, our team is well versed in multiple formats for brand positioning, marketing, storytelling, learning, promotion, news, education, advocacy, and more. Our clients are global and therefore we need solutions for a global market. Transcription, translation, closed captioning, filming, and editing in multiple languages are available.

Live Action Highlight Reel

Association TV has the skills and resources to film and edit and any type of project. This Live Action Highlight Reel showcases some of our recent projects featuring a variety of filming and editing techniques solutions.

Video Animation Highlight Reel

Animation, digital graphics, delicate and intense enhancements, characters, 2D, 3D, and more... The WorkerBee.TV team has every skill needed to deliver high-quality videos to suit any story.