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Reviewr is an applicant submission management software used by associations to power recognition awards, scholarships, grants, fellowships, conference abstract/speakers, and board nominations. Reviewr helps association teams streamline and simplify the entire lifecycle of the application-review based programs - empowering organizations to spend more energy on their missions, and less energy on operations.

Value for Associations

  • Efficiency: Reviewr streamlines the entire application management and review process, reducing administrative overhead and saving time. On average Reviewr clients save over 150 management hours as well as reducing volunteer workloads by 79%. This empowers associations to reallocate valuable time to other high payoff activities that grow the association and provide further value to members.

  • Digital Experience: Gone are the days of emails, spreadsheets, document downloading, online file sharing, and physical paper - Reviewr is here to change the game to provide maximum value to every stakeholder of these programs.

  • Proven Process: With a decade of experience and data science - Reviewr has the proven "recipes" to quickly and easily deploy proven the program frameworks that have been battle tested by some of the most prestigious programs in the world.

  • Customization: Leverage the proven program templates and modify them to your unique needs OR start from the ground up with the hard work and programs your associations have been managing for years. Reviewr provides the flexibility to tailor the applications, workflows, and review process to reflect the dynamic and unique needs of associations.

  • Data security and privacy: Leverage "proof of process" mechanisms to ensure applicants get the fair, non-bias, selection they deserve. This includes things such as random review team pairings, blinding of confidential data, adherence to a defined process, and more. On top of that, Reviewr is a SOC2 Type2 compliant software that exceeds the most stringent industry data security and privacy controls.

  • Program Transparency and Reputation: Improve program transparency and reputation by providing clear communication, updates, and notifications to both applicants and review teams to ensure trust and engagement.

  • Scalability” Scales to accommodate all sizes and needs, making it suitable for both small and large organizations. Remember, it’s nice the size of the program - it’s the size of the engagement. Regardless of program size - we owe it to both the applicants and review committees to provide the most engaging, modern, and fair experience as possible.

  • Data Driven Decision Making: Reviewr equips associations to make data-driven decisions from automated insights and analytics to drive better program outcomes and results. Regardless of an associations review and selection process, Reviewr has the tools to leverage scoresheets, deliberation, rankings, and even normalization of different review styles to ensure the most qualified applicants are fairly selected.

  • Customer Support: Reviewr becomes an extension of your team. From the initial implementation and onboarding through customer support - Reviewr is here to provide a smooth and seamless experience for everyone.

Value for Applicants

  • The experience: Reviewr provides the seamless, digital experience, desired by the modern applicant. User-friendly interfaces for easy navigation and submission empowers applicants to focus on their work, reducing friction, frustration, and support.

  • Ongoing engagement: Programs should not be “one-and-done” where the applicant journey ends at submission. Reviewr equips applicants with profiles that allow for ongoing editing, additional submissions, document management, access to feedback, multi-phase support, and much, much more. 

  • Feedback and communication: Keep applicants informed with updates, notifications, and transparent communication throughout the entire application lifecycle and process. Programs powered by Reviewr should be providing maximum value to everyone, all the time.

  • Seamless integrations amongst systems: Programs powered by Reviewr are often part of larger campaigns and resources. Leverage payment, AMS, and other API integrations that allow applicant experiences to flow within existing tools.

Value for Review Teams

  • Efficiency: Most review teams are volunteers, or at least, it’s not their main job obligations. Because of this they must have an efficient and streamlined process to focus on the task at hand while ensuring the applicants get the attention their entries deserve. Review equips review teams with dedicated review and selection tools that include things such as side by side evaluation, embedded document viewing, automated scoresheets, and more.

  • Collaboration: Formal review and selection leveraging scoresheets and rubrics don’t always tell the full story and are often part of a larger review workflow including deliberation and roundtable discussions. Because of this Reviewr offers collaboration tools such as note sharing, evaluation sharing, communication, and deliberation dashboards that maximize both automation, and the essential human touch desired in these programs.

  • Fair, non-bias, and compliance: Equip review teams for success by leveraging robust pairing tools such as randomization, committee based review, workload monitoring and more. This, alongside blinding of private information, ensures that review teams are evaluating applicants on the merit of their work and not external factors that may influence decisions. 

  • Experience: Similar to applicants, the review team desires a modern solution and digital experience that elevates the reputation of the organization and program. Gone are the days of emails, spreadsheets, document downloading, online file sharing, and physical paper - Reviewr is here to change the game to provide maximum value to every stakeholder of these programs.

Reviewr - in 2 minutes

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The Admin Dashboard

Welcome to your personal command center. The Reviewr administrator dashboard helps award, grant, scholarship, and competition managers save on average 60% time, resulting in hundreds of hours. With Reviewr, manage the entire experience in one centralized place.

Accessing Applicant Entries

So, you've collected submissions online, now what? Reviewr's powerful menu system gives you the power to easily sort, filter, and open your submitted entries. Each submission will hold valuable content such as the online forms, file uploads, communication, results, and more.

Creating Review Workflows

Dreaming of a world where you can visually assign online submissions to individuals to review them? Welcome to Reviewr. With custom workflows, easily create buckets, fill them up with submissions, and assign them to a team to Review. Need more advanced control? We've got that too.

Online Review and Selection Experience

Leverage the many ways to assign online submissions to your team for review. Manual pairings, review committees, and randomization - we've got it all. With online evaluation, your review team can simply access the submissions and evaluate them with rankings, scorecards, and more.

Access Review Results

So you've collected submissions online, assigned them to a workflow, and the review team evaluated them - now what? The power is at your fingertips. In real-time track progress and view the "leader board" to see how submissions were evaluated, by who, and where they rank amongst the other submissions.

The Online Submission/Applicant Experience

Where data meets user engagement. Reviewr submission management is more than just online forms, it's a modern approach to custom data collection and an engaging experience that revolves around user profiles, interactive forms, and custom workflows.

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