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We help associations affordably leverage the power of video and multimedia. Association TV makes your association's digital programming Profitable, Purposeful, and Predictable.
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Association TV (a division of WorkerBee.TV, Inc.) empowers associations to use video and digital media strategically. Our online platform and multimedia service models modernize the way associations inform, educate, and inspire their community. We dramatically improve engagement which drives the success of your association's retention, recruitment, and revenue. The Association TV engagement model enhances your associations' relevance to today's - and tomorrow's - members. We help associations affordably leverage the power of video through a branded online platform for multimedia, learning management systems, partner servicing, virtual and hybrid events, and more. Association TV makes your association's multimedia content programming more Profitable, Purposeful, and Predictable. Visit to learn more.


Learning Management Systems

Association TV’s video and audio based online learning platform is ideal for continued education, badging, and accreditation. Our LMS system supports multiple courses, chapters, and package bundling. Choose from member-gated, pay-per-view, and subscription models, while allowing for bulk purchases and user assignments. Manage user progress with integrated quizzes, tests, and proctor-capabili...[more]


Multimedia Platform & Media Manager

The Association TV® online platform makes it easy for you to manage and monetize video, podcast, and article content all in one place in your own branded online ecosystem. Make it easy for your audience to find, consume, and act on your multimedia content with our global platform. Extend the life of your content by hosting it on-demand year-round. Monetize with advertising, sponsorships, pay-p...[more]


Solutions Center

Solutions Center is an online showcase solution that allows you to host exhibitor, sponsor, and partner listings that include products, services, images, documents and videos in a centralized location for members to find and engage with. This year-round offering allows vendors to manage their own content and include up-to five call-to-action banners for on-demand servicing and real-time engagement...[more]


Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

Association TV® LIVE is our virtual and hybrid event solution that allows associations to moderate and distribute an online offering for everything from a webinar to a multi-day, multi-track event with or without continued education. Combine pre-recorded keynotes, panels, and sessions, with livestreaming and maximize your engagement with Q&A, polls, chat, breakouts, and gamification. And, ...[more]


Content & Program Strategy

At Association TV® we help you identify, refine, plan, and schedule content that will engage members, accomplish association objectives, and generate revenue. These are the three guiding principles to an effective, balanced multimedia content calendar. Our team will work with you to ensure your content is helping you improve recruitment, retention, and revenues. Content planning, scripting, sc...[more]


Global Filming

Leverage our global network of videographers or virtual solutions for your next filming project or conference. Our Association TV® team of project managers and professional videographers will guide you through the various stages of execution – from project planning to asset delivery – creating a seamless solution that aligns with your project goals and objectives. We make it easy a...[more]


Livestreaming & Virtual Streaming

Share live video feeds of conference sessions or speakers with our global livestreaming solutions. Not only can you capture and share your best content to your full audience through livestreaming or virtual sharing options, you can also make it interactive with virtual Q&A, chat, and polls....[more]


Project & Account Management

Like an agency, we provide an account manager to work with you, learning and understanding your goals and needs. Your account manager orchestrates the people and services you will need from our web, content, and video teams to complement your in-house resources. At Association TV  (WorkerBee.TV, Inc.) we believe in responsiveness, collaboration, and agility. We understand that every client ha...[more]


Video & Audio Production & Editing Services

Association TV’s expert team of writers, content editors, and animators can help form your project from the script, to storyboard, to delivered video. Create micro-learning opportunities from one set of content, or convert to multiple formats such as podcasts and blogs. Whether your project is live-action, interview-based, or 2D and 3D animation, our team is well versed in multiple formats f...[more]


Virtual Videographer

Virtual Videographer turns your iPhone, iPad, and Laptop into a filming device that we can remotely control. This allows us to film interviews, presentations, updates, announcements, and video series in up-to 4K quality at one-quarter of the cost of traditional filming. This option is more versatile than Skype, Zoom, or other web recording options, and delivers professional videographer quality re...[more]

Introduction to Association TV

Association TV helps associations affordably leverage the power of video and multimedia helping them become more profitable, purposeful, and predictable. With the 4 Components of Association TV (Online Platform, Content Strategy, Monetization, and Agency Services) we are a holistic partner for your online media and events needs.

Introduction to Virtual Videographer

Association TV takes pride in driving down the cost and complexity of video for associations. As such, we have developed the Virtual Videographer solution, which is guaranteed to drastically reduce the resources needed to produce impactful video and audio content that helps you enhance member engagement and increase new member acquisition. Association TV’s Virtual Videographer allows our in-house team to virtually tap into an iPhone, iPad, or computer and capture up to 4K video footage without having to be there in person. Imagine being able to film anywhere in the world in less time, money, and effort – an alternative option to our professional video filming services.

Highlight Reel - Video Animation

Animation, digital graphics, delicate and intense enhancements, characters, 2D, 3D, and more... The WorkerBee.TV team has every skill needed to deliver high-quality videos to suit any story.

Highlight Reel - Live Action

Association TV has the skills and resources to film and edit and any type of project. This Live Action Highlight Reel showcases some of our recent projects featuring a variety of filming and editing techniques solutions.

Winning Strategies for Monetizing Multimedia

Generate Non-Dues Revenues - Video is proven to drive recruitment, retention, and member engagement, but associations often worry about the cost. The Association TV platform enables a number of turnkey strategies that make it incredibly easy to monetize multimedia and drastically reduce the costs.

Association Success Story - Video Based Learning & Accreditation by ACPA

Learn how College Student Educators International (ACPA) developed Compliance U to deliver video, on-demand educational services to its members, while also generating a non-dues revenue stream that helps fund the program.

Association Success Story - Video Marketing by ANFP

Learn how ANFP created an integrated marketing strategy. ANFP leveraged the power of video and their Association TV platform (ANFPtv) to drive incredible, measurable results.