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We help associations affordably leverage the power of video and multimedia. WorkerBee.TV makes your association's digital programming Profitable, Purposeful, and Predictable.
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At WorkerBee.TV, we believe the future of association marketing is educational, engaging and inspiring content that your members actually want to watch.  We create Association Solutions designed to Unlock your Potential.  We dramatically improve engagement which drives the success of your association's retention, recruitment, and revenue. Our engagement model enhances your associations' relevance to today's - and tomorrow's - members. We help associations affordably leverage the power of video through a branded online platform for multimedia, learning management systems, partner servicing, virtual and hybrid events, and more. We can make your association's multimedia content programming more Profitable, Purposeful, and Predictable. Visit our website to learn more.

Introduction to Association TV

Association TV helps associations affordably leverage the power of video and multimedia helping them become more profitable, purposeful, and predictable. With the 4 Components of Association TV (Online Platform, Content Strategy, Monetization, and Agency Services) we are a holistic partner for your online media and events needs.

Introduction to Virtual Videographer

Association TV takes pride in driving down the cost and complexity of video for associations. As such, we have developed the Virtual Videographer solution, which is guaranteed to drastically reduce the resources needed to produce impactful video and audio content that helps you enhance member engagement and increase new member acquisition. Association TV’s Virtual Videographer allows our in-house team to virtually tap into an iPhone, iPad, or computer and capture up to 4K video footage without having to be there in person. Imagine being able to film anywhere in the world in less time, money, and effort – an alternative option to our professional video filming services.

Highlight Reel - Video Animation

Animation, digital graphics, delicate and intense enhancements, characters, 2D, 3D, and more... The WorkerBee.TV team has every skill needed to deliver high-quality videos to suit any story.

Highlight Reel - Live Action

Association TV has the skills and resources to film and edit and any type of project. This Live Action Highlight Reel showcases some of our recent projects featuring a variety of filming and editing techniques solutions.

Winning Strategies for Monetizing Multimedia

Generate Non-Dues Revenues - Video is proven to drive recruitment, retention, and member engagement, but associations often worry about the cost. The Association TV platform enables a number of turnkey strategies that make it incredibly easy to monetize multimedia and drastically reduce the costs.

Association Success Story - Video Marketing by ANFP

Learn how ANFP created an integrated marketing strategy. ANFP leveraged the power of video and their Association TV platform (ANFPtv) to drive incredible, measurable results.