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All we do is deliver high-engagement virtual experiences, co-created with you to meet the needs and interests of your community. From discovery, to preparation, to execution, we guide you - and your stakeholders - through every step of your online journey.

We got this. We got you. Together, we can do something remarkable.

Matchbox Event Session Formats

We've worked with almost 1,500 speakers and produced 500+ sessions for virtual events in the last 6 months. Mishka walks you through the formats we've found to be most effective, how they work, and what they look like!

The Accessibility Tree: A Guide to Making Your Virtual Event Accessible

With the diversity that exists around us, it’s a journey to create something truly inclusive and accessible, and each step of that journey requires care and intention. Any effort you put in and every step you take is progress. More importantly, every time you open the channel for communication and actively seek the suggestions and feedback of those needing accessibility measures, you are becoming the host your attendees value! Co-created with friends from across the association space, we hope you find this helpful, and we welcome feedback and suggestions!